Leadership today requires boldness, clarity and passion. Individuals and organizations alike must know whom they are and what they want to contribute to the world. Kathleen Schafer is your bridge to living leadership as it is meant to be. With expertise grounded in the rough and tumble world of politics, seasoned in business, honed in academia and broadened by her own journey, Kathleen Schafer creates the path for individuals and organizations to lead now.

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Choose to Lead

In 28 succinct lessons, Choose to Lead guides people to know themselves as leaders. Kathleen invites readers to shift their perspective on leadership beyond titles and roles to encourage them to align their talents and strengths with the impact they wish to have on the world.

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Why Hillary Lost

As a young woman, I yearned to be President. I wanted to see the United States shatter the final glass ceiling. Sadly, women will have to wait at least another four years for that opportunity. As disappointing as the election outcome is for half of our nation, it is not surprising for those of us … Continue reading Why Hillary Lost

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Every Company Needs a CLO: Chief Leadership Officer

Two different topics have been swirling through my conversations with clients and colleagues recently. The first speaks to the glaring need for leadership development at all levels of an organization; the other to the reluctance to add full-time employees to payrolls for positions that may be better served by outside professionals – if they are … Continue reading Every Company Needs a CLO: Chief Leadership Officer

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