Remembering Forward: Leading Change in Times of Renewal (March 10)



A Private Residence
Los Angeles

9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

The workshop is limited to an intimate group of no more than 10 participants. Registration includes refreshments, lunch and a copy of Kathleen’s latest book, Choose to Lead: A 28-Day Guide to Awakening the Leader Within.

Each of us have the freedom to create lives of purpose and meaning, yet we are living in a world of disasters, natural and manmade, where poor choices and unconscious leadership are leaving an increasing number of people feeling powerless and adrift. This workshop is for those who understand that the power to transform our lives and our communities comes in the choice each of us make to be at our best and to fully express it in the world.

This is a time for you, to remember forward, from a time when you knew who you wished to be in the world and how you wanted to live. As tough as they are, you can use our current state of affairs to embrace your leadership and to create what you desire rather than fight against what you don’t want. This workshop is the first step on a path to living your power to shape the future of our neighborhoods, communities and the world. Through interactive exercises, conversations and creativity each participant will leave with a clear understanding of how to be at her best and while being a vital contributor in the renewal of communities both local and global.

This workshop will be led by leadership expert Kathleen Schafer with support from Maria Prichard, Leadership Connection’s Director of Guidance and Training.

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With great appreciation, I offer my gratitude for the day you gave to us, it was amazing and lovely. You are so gifted at how you effortlessly hone into individuals needs and what needs to be revealed. I appreciate your skills and ability to convey valuable insights. What an incredible honor it was for me to be in that workshop. Thank you so much!!!

—Past Workshop Participant