Curated Workshops
Curate Workshops for Transformative Impact

Curated workshops are offered to individuals or small groups who are facing powerful challenges and/or those who are looking for an immediate and significant shift in their leadership. Generally, an individual one-on-one session is conducted for participants, before and after the workshop to allow for preparation and integration of the experience. The in-person workshop allows a deep-dive into the root of the current issues understand of how to shift one’s leadership to allow for growth, resolution and impact.


  • Clients identify goals for the workshop and a customized approach is created to best realize their intentions for the work
  • Customized content is created, and additional practitioners may be recommended to deliver some content
  • Specific participant activities and learning objectives will be created for the group to engage with before, during and after the workshop
  • Follow-up sessions with participants ensure a sound understanding of how they are expressing their leadership as a result of the experience