Customized Keynotes
As a speaker, I lend a unique presence to groups, aiming to draw each individual into the conversation in a way that feels like an intimate experience even in a large group setting. Topics include “Creating a Leadership Path”, “Presenting Yourself as a Leader,” “Leading in Organizations,” and “Leading Policy and Societal Change.”

In addition, I engage audiences and address their specific questions. I have a powerful ability to dig deep with people to illuminate issues faced by the group and to show how to lead through any challenge. My popular speaking series, Conversations with Kathleen, is the model for these sessions, so there are ample opportunities during which the audience can fully engage with me.

Political Commentary

My passion is guiding leaders so that organizations, communities, and societies can function at their best. During a time when our political leaders are severely challenged and our political system is under great strain, I provide fresh insights as to what has brought us to the brink. I speak about emboldening our citizens as leaders, so we can reawaken the spirit that created our democracy and lead us through our current challenges.