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Kathleen Schafer has worked with hundreds of individual and organizational clients throughout the world to expand their leadership potential, including:

Having worked in financial services for more than 20 years, I have been exposed to myriad leadership training and development opportunities over the course of my career as senior management sought to retain and develop me as a ‘high potential female.’ None of them were ever as targeted, insightful or impactful as the work I did with Kathleen. It truly changed not only my life, but also my career. I couldn’t recommend her more highly!
Rehana Farrell

Executive Director, Youth I.N.C

Kathleen’s coaching pushed me to be my best self and gave me the confidence to Live Leadership.
Individual Coaching Client

Kathleen’s mentorship and training have improved my individual self-awareness and collective understanding of the teams I am responsible for. As a result, I am better able to adapt to issues and hurdles with my team and have achieved a higher level of success. Her leadership coaching has allowed me to understand the gaps in my own personal development. As a result, I have worked hard to fill those gaps and become a better leader and mentor. Knowing oneself is a key ingredient to success. Her approach ensures you understand your own strengths and weaknesses. This knowledge allows you to use your strengths and know when you need support for a weakness. This method is a critical tactic in everything I do now.
Rick Dansey

CEO and Founder, Ignitis LLC

Kathleen’s workshop was time well spent. She homed into individuals’ needs and conveyed valuable insights. I am now on the path to Live Leadership.
Ingrid Elken

Lead Teacher, University Children's Center Early Childhood Care & Education Services University of California, Santa Barbara

Kathleen’s approach opened a new door to understanding my leadership style. I learned things I knew about myself deep down but never realized. Her technique helped me to harness those characteristics that make me a collaborative leader. I would recommend Kathleen’s process to anyone who has a sense they can be an effective leader but who needs to better understand the innate tools that are programmed into each of us and how to best put them to use.
Joe Bondi

Executive Director of Development, The George Washington University

Taking the journey into Kathleen Schafer’s work requires that you give up any idea that you cannot reach the goals that are important to you. She provides thoughtful, yet concrete ways to access your unique talents and abilities to change yourself and the world around you. And along the way, you will achieve more happiness in your personal and public life giving rise to the difference you came here to make.
Susan M. Henkels


Kathleen’s words have a way of staying in your head and surfacing when you most need them. She has a true gift for helping you find your individual leadership style—your personal life path—and cutting through your excuses and malarkey to move you toward action. I can’t begin to express how much Kathleen helped me in my life. Her relentless belief in me and my ability to have the life of my dreams has gone a long way toward the achievement of it…. I feel much surer of my ability to effect change in the world, and am working to do so one story at a time.
Jenny A. Donovan

Literary Journalist, WeAreOfOne.com

Kathleen helped us more clearly define our unique contributions and goals as individuals, and better gel internally as a team.”
R. Christine Hershey

Founder, Hershey Cause Communications

Kathleen Schafer offers a master class in leadership, guiding readers step by step in daily lessons grounded in real world experience. Through her teachings, everyone can realize the adventure of self-actualization and emerge as a leader of one’s own strengths, dreams and destiny.
Dr. Christopher Arterton

Founding Dean, The Graduate School of Political Management at The George Washington University

Thank you for such an inspiring presentation. It was a special treat to be in the audience of a master at the top of her game. Bravo!
Jerry Beckman

CEO and Founder, Segue Career Mentors

Like many mid-career professionals, I went through a period of doubting my skills and wondering how I could put them to use to make it to the next step in my career. Kathleen…taught me to truly embrace what I was naturally good at. As part of our work together, I was able to recognize and leverage my strengths. By working with Kathleen, I came away with a renewed confidence, was able to grow in my career, and do so by focusing on what I did best.
Jessica Abensour

Senior Vice President, Vox Global

The investment in leadership development with Kathleen Schafer – in the form of one-on-one coaching, leadership retreats, or workshops – is invaluable. In an era of 24-hour news service offering blaring commentary, Kathleen encourages listening to the voice within; evaluating one’s own strength and leading from those strengths. She reflects and asks probing – occasionally uncomfortable – questions before engaging her clients to do the difficult work of turning the microscope inward. Her approach is at the same time simple and extraordinarily complex encouraging all of us to ask more of our leaders and advising everyone to lead from our respective strengths. A friend and mentor for nearly a decade, I am thrilled that Kathleen has recently published ‘Choose To Lead.’ It is my sincere hope that current and future leaders invest in themselves by reading this groundbreaking book.
Joy Langley

Executive Director, Cultural Access Washington

Kathleen has an amazing ability to inspire leadership in people. With a dose of encouragement, effective exercises, and tough love, Kathleen gave me the confidence to follow my dreams. After working with Kathleen you’ll be ready and inspired to face the world and make it what you want.
Randall Coleman

Co-Founder of Can YA Love and Creator of The Food Trade Game

Kathleen Schafer has a long history of helping individuals focus on their authentic selves as a part of how to provide stronger and more effective leadership. Her latest book: Choose to Lead, should be on your digital reader or nightstand for those who are life-long learners interested in improving not only themselves, but those around them.
Rick Virgin

Vice President for University Relations, Creighton University